post_Blue Marble (2019)
26 September 2019

Blue Marble (2019), sculpture, 4×4 m, Blue Ekebergs marble boulders

Blue Marble was shown at OpenArt 2019, Örebro, Sweden.
Blue Marble is a public artwork in Örebro, Sweden.

The sculpture Blue Marble (2019) consists of thirteen marble boulders arranged tightly together in a square (4x4m), placed in Örebro Castle’s park.
The artworks title refers to the material itself: Blue Ekebergs marble from the local region – yet it also refers to an image of the earth, taken from one of Apollo 17’s crew members in 1972. It was the first photograph of our planet that’s been shot from a distance and got named “blue marble” due to the pattern of clouds and deep blue, which from afar looked like marble. Rocks – just like images – manage to capsule place and time, although, each of them in their own way: It takes a fragment of a second to take a photograph while certain kinds of rocks evolve over billions of years.
The fundament of the region around Örebro in Sweden contains amongst other rock species marble, which is up to 2 billion years old. “This marble in particular, was formed some 1900 000 000 years ago (=1,9 billion years) when this particular place of Sweden was drifting around in a continental plate close to the equator” (geologist Stefan Sädbom).