post_Dream Collection
26 September 2019

Dream Collection (2014), two boxes bound in leather, 23 x 16 cm Found photographs of airplanes, 7 x 4,7 cm, archival gloves Text: fold, prepare, look, recall, lift, launch, leap, go, propel, soar, hover, fly.

Dream Collection was shown at Regeneration3 2016-2017
Dream Collection is included in the collection of Musée de l’Elysée

Review by Anne Lacoste curator at Musée De L’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

The work by Veronika Geiger investigate the concepts of gravity and time, with a predilection for themes such as the sky and the action of flying. Dream Collection presents a box containing a selection of anonymous found photographs of aeroplanes in flight. To this the artist appends a selection of verbs that these images evoke – ”fold, prepare, look, recall, lift, launch, leap, go, propel, soar, hover, fly”-, presented here in the same container, together with the photos. Underlining the artist’s physical intervention and the contemplative character of her approach to the images, the careful ordering of the text contrasts with the less regular arrangement of the photos. The inclusion of a pair of white gloves in the installation incites visitors to associate the verbs with the photographs: thus, Dream Collection, with poetry and subtlety, addresses the question of the interpretation of the images.