post_IMPRINT (2015)
26 September 2019

Imprint (2015), Slide-film installation, 4 carousel slide projectors each 170×100 cm

Imprint (2015) was shown at Deep Inside, 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia, curated by Nadim Samman

Imprint (2015) is based on field work at Thingvellir situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Iceland. It is a series of images of Lake Thingvallavatn; the ambient light of the water and its high concentration of algae. Light-¬sensitive photographic papers were exposed directly into the lake water; afterwards photographed and turned into a slide-installation.

Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland, 2015 Slide-film installation, 4 caroussel slide projectors each 170 x 100 cm